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Get Free, Unlimited Money and Life with our Score Hero Hack – No Survey Version



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Are you ready to become football legend with our Score Hero Hack? Well, it is about time you become ready.  Because with our super awesome Score Hero unlimited money and life cheat all that is left to do is become the best and make your way into the nationals and get your name written in a Hall of Fame.

And if you’re not already familiar with this awesome game, pick it up from iOS, Android or Amazon store and get ready for the game of football you will never forget. This awesome game made us rethink how mobile sports games should look like and showed us it can be done right.

Unlike any other game on the market, this one does not focus on the boring running around, but rather puts your passing skills to the test. As you take control of the player that controls the ball and swipe the screen to pass the ball to your other team players to take one awesome score and bring your team to the victory.


So what do you get for using Score Hero hack?

Well, you are getting the best of both worlds! Unlimited money and life (energy) for you Score Hero! You won’t have to worry about anything but showing your awesome skills and making sure you pass every ball just right. And if that is not enough, we don’t know what is.

You will be able to get every goal just right and play game on the next level. As every rewind costs 1 Bux (money) you will need a lot just in case your calculations are a bit off. And as with any other football game, even in real life, that happens a lot.

But, with this awesome Score Hero hack tool you will get everything just right every time. And with our Score Hero unlimited hearts (energy) you won’t have to wait around for them to recharge in case you don’t want to use your rewind powers!


Is that all you are getting with Score Hero unlimited money and energy?

Of course not! As with any other mobile game, developers have made sure you can spend some extra cash to make your character more unique and to your liking. So, they created the store where you can customize your character and create him more to your liking. Of course, that also costs money. And like it or not, you will have to cough up some doe to make it possible for you to change anything you would like to change.

Now, some features are free like name of your character and the length of his jersey. But that is about all. Everything else costs.

And that is something we, the GameBag, are aiming to change! No more taking money from people so they can customize their character! Those unfair ideas are putting gaming industry to shame. And making us, the gamers, feel more like cattle than an esteemed customer.

It feels like they are asking us to hack Score Hero and show them playing the game is not all about asking people for money.

So, let’s check out everything you will be able to buy once you use Score Hero money hack tool!


The shop

Once you get past half of the season one the shop and all of it content will unlock for you. There, you will be able to change the features and looks of your player. It might not feel like much but it will help your character look more like you, or how you imagine your football legend should look like.

As we mentioned before some features are free to change. But, unfortunately, those features are not much. You can edit the name of the character and the length of the jersey. That is not much, if you ask us!

Other than that, there are 5 other categories you can edit and they do cost some money! But, with our Score Hero unlimited money cheat you won’t have to worry a thing. With just one run of our hack you will be able to change it up as much as you want! So, let’s check them out!


  • Hairstyle: nothing will set your character more apart than the look of his hair. Everyone knows a good hairstyle can really change the game for the player. He will feel more confident and will look more like a field rock star that he is. And at the price of 8$ he better look like one!
  • Hair color: now, this part bothered us a bit, to be honest. Hair color costs almost as much as changing the hairstyle all together! But you can pick out any of the 8 colors available to you, going from black to pure white, for 6$.
  • Beard: and if you want to stand out even more, there is a whole section dedicated to your facial hair. It’s a no shave November over on Score Hero!
  • Shirt number: the number on the back of your player is important. Having your lucky number written on your player may or may not change the game completely for you! But, it’s up to you if you want to spend some cash on it!
  • Color of your shoes: and even though you have to wear your teams colors on your shirt, nothing is said about your football boots! So put some crazy color for 10$ and stand out no matter where you are!


And how do you hack Score Hero for unlimited life and money?

Now, this next part is very easy. If you are familiar with any of our game hacks here on GameBag you already know how to use this one too! And if you are one of our new users, we welcome you! All you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps and you will hack Score Hero in no time! So, get ready to use our Score Hero cheat! Let’s go!


  1. Scroll down and find “ONLINE HACK” button. Press it and you will get redirected to our Score Hero hack tool.
  2. Now it’s time to connect to one of our hack servers. To do so all you’ve got to do is press “CONNECT”. We will handle all the rest!
  3. After that all that is left to do is figure out what sum of Score Hero money you want hacked and put in your Account information and platform you play on.
  4. To finish it off, press “GENERATE”. Wait for us to do our magic and watch as money pours on your account.


Here, insert your Username and Platform to finish off Score Hero hack!

And this is how the generated resources from our Score Hero cheat look like!


And that is it! If you do everything correctly you will hack Score Hero for unlimited energy and money with no survey! Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again soon!


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