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Free Bike Race Hack – Top Bike: Street Racing & Moto Drag Rider! Version

Break all the rules and experience mind-blowing bike racing action set in a huge urban sprawl called The City.

Are you hearing the call of the streets? Do you have an overwhelming need for speed? No, there is no shame in admitting so. The purr of the revving engine has seduced many. But not everyone is in position to follow the calling and is left with a void feeling of unrealized dream. That is one of the reason games were created. And it is the reason this one was too. To satisfy your motor bike fantasies. And what can crush your dreams faster than to realize you need to pay to win? Well, we at GameBag have decided to right that wrong and created a bike race hack for Top Bike!

Unfortunately, mobile gaming has gotten quite expensive. And that is no different in Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag. To buy both of the games most expensive packages of premium currencies you would have to spend over $200 USD! Believe us when we say that is a lot! And addition of not being able to buy one with the other just goes to show how greedy game developers can get. And let us not even talk about that $5,04 USD fee to get Unlimited Gas.

Now, we are not hating the game. After playing around for a day we all did get to enjoy it quite a lot. There are many things to fiddle with and designing your perfect motorbike can eat away hours of your day without you even noticing. And once the race starts it gets even more interesting. But let’s not talk more about it here. If you are interested to hear our opinions of the game be sure to check out our Brief Review section down below. If not, simply press the “Online Hack” button of this page.



Brief review and why to use our Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag hack

Every game deserves to have some words said about it. Be it good or bad, it all comes down the same. Even a bad commercial is a commercial. That is why we at GameBag strive to give you more than just a game hack. And we won’t stray away from that with this little addition to the racing genre. So let us jump right into a short review about this game before we talk about our reasons to create Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag Gold and Silver Generator.


Game review

Now, this is not in depth review of the game. And not everything will be mentioned. Some features we may even do full articles on. Just keep in mind this is really a brief overview. So let’s get started.

First of all let’s start by saying that this game is exclusive to Android devices. Because of the mentioned availability we had a hard time coping with the Android devices since we mostly use iOS. But we managed to get a good look at the game anyway. Here’s what we’ve managed to dig up.


In its core, Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag is a very linear game. Before the race starts you have to rev the engine. You can do so simply by keeping the needle of speedometer in a green zone shown on your left gauge. After that, all you need to do is to shift gears at the right time. And even thought you are moving on a linear path knowing when and how to change the gears can really transform the game for you. And that says something.



Nothing bad can be said about how Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag looks. 3D engine this game uses is a perfect balance of performance and looks. Streets are nicely rendered, bikes are HD and colors pop out of the screen. And it doesn’t require high end mobile device to play it on.


Menu and racing modes

Some may say it is weird, but we at GameBag are suckers for a good looking game menu. And that’s something Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag has. From sleek design to easy to find and easy to press icons. It has really impressed us. And it feels very premium and high end. And what more should you expect?


Now racing modes are something we would like to give our attention to. They include :


  • Street Race: taking on local races to gain experience and cash.
  • Ranking Race: compete against other players to climb the leaderboard.
  • Boss Battles: challenge highly skilled racers in multi-staged races. This one has highest rewards.
  • Most Wanted: daily race as Motorcycle Cop and beat the crew of Most Wanted Racers

And they are all quite fun, if we dare to say. But it will take you a lot of grinding to get anywhere. Winning in any of these races requires a strong and well-built bike. That is why we created this Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag Gold and Silver Cheat.

Now that we’ve told you what the game is all about let’s see how our bike race hack fits into all of this.


Pay to win = pay to play

The downfall of any good game is greed. Microtransactions are becoming a new and popular way for developers to take money from players. And in-game purchases are our present and future. To be very honest, paying for a premium resource is something we cannot abide. And that is how need for Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag Silver and Gold Generator came to be. With it you can put yourself ahead of the competition and win simply by being good at the game, not only rich. With these currencies you can buy better motorbikes and bike parts. And don’t stray away from making them presentable. To use our Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag hack simply find and press “Online Hack” button located on the bottom of this page and follow instructions.


Please don’t spam our servers

As you may already know, we have many Resource Generators and they all share the same servers. So we urge you to use Top Bike Street Racing & Moto Drag Gold and Silver Cheat moderately. Any continuous spam of the “Generate” button will result in activation of our No-Spam System.

Thanks for reading, and as always, GameBag wishes you successful hacking!


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