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Firmware update SMEG+ IV2 (SMEG 6.x) – 6.1.D.R8 APPLE CARPLAY

Firmware update SMEG+

Hi everyone,Genuine, untouched file!

This is only for people with the new Peugeot 208 facelift, using SMEG+ IV.

You can update your SMEG system to the latest firmware: 6.1.D.R8

This does NOT work on older SMEG systems, so no 3.x or 5.x!

SMEG5.2CR1 -> NO

SMEG3.17.A.R3 -> NO

SMEG6.0.E.R6 -> YES

SMEG6.05.DR8 -> YES

SMEG6.0.5.ER1 -> YES

With this firmware, you can start using CARPLAY

After installation, you can use PP2000/LEXIA, or go to the dealer to activate carplay.

Your USB-stick should look like this in the root:

the update takes 15-18 minutes; around 50% of the time the system is VERIFYING data.

As long as you keep the ENGINE RUNNING all the time the upgrade should be okay.

Step to do are these:

1) Download the file of 940mb

2) Get a good USB stick of 1Gb or more

3) Format this stick and make it FAT32 filesystem

4) Use a good unpacker ( I use WinRAR ) to UNZIP the data to the CLEAN formatted FAT32 USB stick

5) in the root of the stick you put the folder SMEG_IV2_UPG ( so when you “explore” the USB driver you see just one folder “SMEG_IV2_UPG” )

6) go to the car and start the engine

7) pull out existing USB devices and insert the stick

8) the SMEG will take 2-3 minutes to “recognize” the stick and then it ASKS you if you want to update; press YES

9) the SMEG prepares the system and after 6 minutes it reboots.

10) you keep the USB stick in the USB port -> the SMEG reboots 4-5 times total operation WHILE the engine is running! takes 15-18 minutes

11) the SMEG comes back and you can verify your FW ( 6.1 now )

12) now you can switch of the engine; you are done

Whilest updating the SMEG ( steps 9-10 ) you see a “blue screen” with TEXT -> this is normal you can actually read the progress there.

Your MAPS and Speedcams are not deleted they remain in the unit; this file only changes / updates the operating system.

6.1_D_R8.zip – FileFactory


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