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FIFA18 – What is “The Journey” and Who is Alex Hunter? Version

Fifa 18 is just hours away from us!

When FIFA 17 first came out last year, it’s most noticeable feature was at that time new story mode called ‘The Journey’. It was, without any doubt, the biggest addition the series has seen in many years. Right next to the ‘Ultimate Team’ feature. And while every new title in the series brings something new to the table, ‘The Journey’ is a feature that easily stands out from the crowd.

This year it is no different. Although FIFA 18 is not out yet, it is confirmed that players will once again be able to take a role of Alex Hunter. He is a perspective young man with big dreams and crafty feet. But, this time, his sight is set outside the Premier League (if you, as a player, wish so, that is)!

As FIFA 18 uses the new Frostbite engine. You will experience year’s Journey as a more cinematic experience than it was so with the last year’s entry. And not just that – game goes even a step further! Which means it’s doing its best to replicate everyday life of a football player with entirety of activities you as a player will be able to immerse yourself in. You will participate in Alex’s everyday relationships and not just his performances on the field.

After Alex’s debut appearance in FIFA 17’s first season of The Journey, it is time to move on. And this time, you are not limited to Premiere League. It is somehow logical continuation of Alex’s story. As we are certain you made sure that everyone knows about him and wants him in their team. Especially after you played your first journey last year!



Season Two

So after a brief introduction to Hunter’s childhood and his days playing football on Clapham Common, a game skips few years in the future. You are then introduced to Alex and his friend Gareth Walker. After they’ve obviously impressed scouts from all sides of football globe and are now challenged to make a decision. Whether they are going to play as wingers, midfielders or strikers as well as to meet certain performance requirements during the practice matches and sessions.

Now comes the real deal. If you managed to show exquisite performance on practice, an football agent will approach you. This will open new possibilities where you have to choose one of Premiere League’s 20 clubs. But only if you met performance requirements, otherwise you will have to start all over again.

Although The Journey is primarily about Alex Hunter, you can choose to play as a whole team instead. There are certain benefits to this. As you do not have to rely on AI to secure you fame and fortune. But, as with everything else, there is also a downside, since you will struggle to improve Hunter’s ratings while managing the whole team at once. The choice is yours.

One handy feature to have in mind when deciding whether to play as Alex or as a whole team is the following. when you choose to play as Alex, you will not have to rely on AI completely. If an AI has the ball, you can press the button of the action you want him to do. Which will result in Alex shouting at his teammate. He will then do that very thing, if the circumstances allow him to do so.

Questions and Answers

Interestingly enough, one important aspect of Alex Hunter’s career as a football player depends on how he (or you) respond and answer to the questions. As in real life, players are constantly bombarded by media, and not only media, but their managers, teammates and fans too. It is sometimes hard for them to keep their cool, and that is exactly what this game takes into consideration.

The idea is not to be perfect, as we all know being perfect is boring. And you probably know how real players can be a bit arrogant sometimes, not perfect. Well, that is exactly what your fans want from you in FIFA 2018. If you want to keep your fan base and remain popular on social media, you will have to be a bit of hotheaded guy. On the other side, your manager and your teammates expect you to be a team player, and no one can judge them on that. Needless to say, being more popular will earn you bigger sponsorship deals and more money. Also, be sure to stay tuned, since we will release FIFA18 coins hack in the near future. So you don’t have to worry about money at all!


Earning the Praise

As you can guess, your journey’s progress and Alex’s personal career will be measured by certain set of stats and indicators, as it happens with almost any other game. As you play more and more, you will level up Hunter’s abilities. You will be able to do that by playing training sessions and completing drills. If you do so, you will be rewarded with stats upgrades depending on your performances.

Skill point tokens are other way of upgrading your skills, but be sure to spend them smart , so Alex can do his best. Which skills you will upgrade depends on your position on the field and your role in the team.

Although you can simulate training sessions, we recommend that you jump straight into it and do them all. Since it is quiet easy to earn A ratings on most of the drills and you can retry 3 times if you don’t.

Playing strategically will ensure your ratings go through the roof! Simple passes here and there will help you with that… But lousy tackles or wondering off your position will do the opposite. Of course, the best thing you can do is take part in scoring the goals. Either as being the one who scored, or the one who assisted.


With all that sad, we hope you are ready for another football journey! Get your copy of FIFA18 and make sure to follow us in the future. We will start working on FIFA18 coins hack and release it on our website as soon as we get our hands on this game!


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