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FIFA Mobile Soccer – Extended Game Mode Overview Version

GameBag presents you FIFA Mobile Extended Game Modes Overview!

Welcome to our surprise article that we told you about in yesterday’s post! As you might’ve already guessed we will cover FIFA Mobile more thoroughly. Mainly because we felt this game is too hot at the moment and it deserves a more thorough review. While our Overview in the yesterday’s article might give you some vague information about FIFA Mobile, we felt it wasn’t enough. This is especially true if you never played any FIFA games before. It might be confusing and it might seem incomplete if you haven’t been properly introduced to the game.

So what you should expect in the article today is a full review of FIFA Mobile Soccer. As far as we know the game on iOS, Android and Windows works completely the same. Therefore we won’t dedicate different parts of the article to different operating systems. Also, don’t mistake this article for a FIFA Mobile Guide since that isn’t the topic of this article. We will save that topic for the future since we already received numerous requests for it, so stay tuned! Also if you came here looking for the FIFA Mobile Hack you came to the wrong post, because this, as well, isn’t today’s topic.

This about wraps it up for today’s Introduction part of the article. We would appreciate if you stick around until the end and give us proper feedback about this post. Not only will this teach you a thing or two about the game, but it will also help us improve our future game reviews.

Now let’s get right to the matter at hand, shall we?



FIFA Mobile – How is it Different From Previous FIFA Games?

We all already know that EA Sports can create an awesome football game…at least on PC and consoles, right? I think we can all agree on that objectively even if some of us dislike the actual concept of football games or sports games in general. However, it is a completely different thing to create a game suitable for, say, PC and to create a Mobile game that can go toe-to-toe with the PC game you just created.

As a game FIFA Mobile is ‘related’ to FIFA 17 but the similarities are minimal and even that is an exaggeration. Actually the only connection between these two games are the similar faces you’ll come across in both of them. And that’s the only connection these two games have (similar players and ambassadors), but it is a connection nonetheless. Aside from these similarities, FIFA Mobile game seems to have redefined things that the name FIFA stands for.

Aside from obvious gameplay differences there is also more to it. Namely FIFA has been largely recongized amongst its playebase by having a predetermined color-scheme. This isn’t the case with FIFA Mobile because for us it seems that the devs found inspiration for the color-scheme elsewhere. Don’t get us wrong this isn’t necessarily a bad thing…However, if you promise a game just like FIFA 17 you should at least try and deliver it. Oh well, to each his own…

Aside from these differences there are some Game Modes that got introducet into the game. For us it seems like a nice addition to the game and we would certainly like to see some of them come to the next FIFA game on PC and Consoles.

So let’s check these game modes out shall we?


FIFA Mobile – Different Game Modes – What Are They All About?


Live Events

First of all we would like to start off with the Live Events. Live Events seem to be challenges that you need to complete in a certain amount of time. They are, of course, limited and if you don’t do exactly what needs to be done in time – you’ll miss them. These events often give you nice rewards upon completion, either XP, Coins or packs. Now most of the live events appear on daily basis, so missing the won’t hurt much. However, there are some that simply come once and never reappear. All of this is meant to keep you on your toes and have you occasionally check the game.


Attack Mode

Attack Mode is pretty self-explanatory. It puts you in the place of the attacking team. Your goal is to score as many goals as possible during the one half. Each ‘turn’ ends when you either score a goal or the opponent clears the ball past the midfield. An overall quick and exciting game mode that we started liking!


VS Attack

This is a multiplayer mode that will allow you to engage in quick and exciting football matches against living opponents. In essence it is the same as Attack Mode, the only difference is, there is no waiting. You’ll get connected to your opponent in a matter of seconds, play your round (which lasts two minutes) and then you’re free to go! The purpose of this mode is to test your football team against the teams of other live players…and it works pretty well actually!



Leagues will allow you to join a community of up to 32 players where all of you can interact with each other. In Leagues you’ll get to compete in bracket-style tournaments, and challenge other league members and other leagues to earn potential in-game rewards.

To join a League, you should simply got to Leagues menu, use the search function. From there on you can narrow down your criteria via various filters and search options. However, finding the League you want to join isn’t the end. You first have to apply to the Leagues you want to play in. Only then will the League Admin be able to either confirm or deny your access to the league. Also keep in mind that you cannot be a member of more than one league and that each league can only contain a maximum of 32 members.

This is a very nice social aspect of the game that we grew very fond of. A game is always much more fun is you enjoy it with your friends and FIFA Mobile is no exception.


Season Mode

Season Mode in FIFA Mobile will allow you to play through a season consisting of 20 matches against teams from different, authentic Leagues. As you play, you are awarded points which will add up, and in the end, if you have enough points you just might earn a title!

To play the Season mode in FIFA Mobile, select the Season tab from the main menu. After that, choose a League you want to play from the Season screen. Do keep in mind that each Season Mode Match will consume 3 points of Stamina, and you will need at least 40 points to come out of a season as a winner!

So that’s about it for the current game modes in FIFA Mobile. Tell us your opinions on them? Do you think EA will add more game modes? What will they look like? Comment below!


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