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Evony The Kings Return Hack! Free Gems Cheat – No Survey! Version

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Evony: The Kings Return caught our attention and we decided to give it a try. Creating an Evony Hack for free gems was completely necessary since we noticed that everyone had used them.

Soon after our Beginner’s Protection passed we were faced with many difficulties. However this wasn’t our first time playing an MMORTS so we managed to keep things in control. Looking back at it, if it wasn’t so hard it wouldn’t be fun at all.

Ramble aside here’s some basic information about Evony…

In this MMORTS, that you can enjoy on the go, you control a mighty kingdom. By picking a culture that you prefer at the start, you get different unique bonuses. Each culture is different in terms of special abilities so pick carefully!

Later on you can join an alliance to gain access to various features, some of them being Alliance Wars.

Evony has everything you would expect a decent MMORTS to have. Buildings, Upgrades, Researches, Units and much more. Community is also a major part in the game. But what surprised us is that it isn’t as toxic as we expected.

The game can’t be played constantly since you will run out of resources eventually. This is a good thing if you ask us, since sometimes these games can consume too much time. However we recommend that you put some time and effort at the start. This way you will get a good foundation for your kingdom which will help you out significantly.

Evony is free-to-play, but you will need Gems if you want to stay in the game. Most of the players use them and will annihilate you if you don’t.

All in all if you’re looking for a decent 2D MMORTS Evony is a game you should definitely check out.



Evony – Gameplay, Resources and Gem Generator

Strategy games aren’t for everyone – we get that. But we, well most of use here at GameBag, always liked them! Hence we gave this one a try since we heard of it’s success.

To be honest there wasn’t anything spectacularly innovative about Evony, but it has it’s charms of course.

Evony has a variety of very complex gameplay elements that are hard to follow if you’re new to this genre. The developers thought about this, hence they implemented the Beginner’s Protection.

Nobody will be able to bother you while this protection lasts so you have time to learn the game. Make no mistake though, since you will be attacked as soon as it passes. Make the most of your time, play it smart and defensive, at least for now.

The game has a built-in tutorial that is designed pretty well and is intended to teach newcomers the basics. Be sure to check it out carefully if you’re a newbie.

There are many unique features in Evony. However the one that surprised us the most is the choice of Culture. You don’t see that a lot in other MMORTS games. If the game has this, it’s usually bound to be successful. Everyone likes immersion!

When you choose a culture at the start, you’re choosing special bonuses, troops, building and much more. We suggest you read what every culture has to offer before making this choice.

There are many resources in Evony:

  • Gold – Used to do researching in the academy and buy extra resource in the marketplace.
  • Food – Used mainly to maintain your armies and buildings.
  • Wood – By far the most important resource, building or training almost anything requires wood.
  • Stone – Used for constructing buildings.
  • Iron – Used for both construction and troop training.


Hack works for Android, iOS and Windows!

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Why Should I Hack Gems in Evony? – Benefits of Using Our Generator

We didn’t mention gems in the part above since we wanted to talk about it here. There is much to talk about since Gems are definitely the most important resource.

Since you already know we had a rough start in Evony we might as well tell you why here. After the Beginner’s Protection had passed we were immediately attacked. Those players that attacked us clearly had an upper hand.

We were just starting out and they wiped us out of course. After starting over a couple of times we figured out what we did wrong. The truth is, there are quite a few abusers, scammers and griefers in this game.

Most of them are Chinese hackers that constantly hack gems and harass casuals that don’t have enough to defend themselves.

This is the main reason we made our generator for Evony. We were tired of people thinking they are the best just because they can hack gems. We know it too, and guess what? Sharing this hack with you guys is our retribution against those griefers.

Everyone should have a fair chance at this game. It’s a decent game and a community and we hate to see it destroyed by a few bad eggs.

Gems can be used to create any other resource in this game. Because of this we decided only to create a generator for them. We could’ve made an option for each and every one of them. However that would take too much time and you know how much we at GameBag hate waiting!

So there you have it, head down to the red button below this post and find an ‘Online Hack’ button. You can’t miss it really! One more thing before we end this article…


Please Don’t Spam Our Generators!

We can’t stress this enough! Our hack generators don’t require liking, sharing or one of those long surveys to complete. All we ask is that you use it within reason and have understanding that other people use it too.

Spamming the hack won’t help anyone, and might even break the servers where we host them. This happened in the past due to constant spamming an irrational use. Luckily there is less and less problems that include spamming.

So with this said, go on and get your gems, start conquering in Evony, and who knows, maybe we come across each other one day?



Online Hack

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