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Evolution Battle for Utopia Hack! Free, Unlimited Diamonds and Biofuel – No survey! Version

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Welcome to Evolution Battle for Utopia hack! This game has been going around for some time and it  managed to intrigue many gamers worldwide. The game is widespread across Android, iOS and Amazon. Make sure to check it out of you own one of those devices.

Eventually, when something like that happens, GameBag crew makes notion of such a thing and starts looking into t he matter. This particular game was no exception. Today we have a fully functional cheat for Biofual and Diamonds! This is something that every Evolution player should look into.

As with most of mobile games, some features of the game are hard to obtain and some in-game payments are required. That’s why we created this hack for Evolution Battle For Utopia to help you get to your goals faster. And for free! That’s right, get all the resources you need to fight Alien Spider Infestation without spending your hard earned money! It’s that easy.

So be sure to familiarize yourself with how our generator works and how you can get your in-game currencies to help you along the way. It’s quite easy to use. And did we mention it’s free? If you have already used some of our other game hacks you’re free to skip that text and go right to the generator page.

Also, be sure to read our No Spam section and use our generators with care.

So without further ado let’s get into our Overview part.



Game overview and how does Evolution Battle for Utopia hack improve the users experience?

In this fun and easy to get into mobile RPG, you take control of a captain tasked to explore dangerous post-apocalyptic planet on the edge of galaxy – Utopia. As you fight your way through waves of alien spiders you will get to experience a rather good case of storytelling on a mobile devices.



In it’s core, Evolution Battle for Utopia is an action game. You are given a gun, grenade and a health pack to help you fight alien creatures that live on Utopia. Combat system is easy to pick up but you’ll need to invest some time to master your skills. But don’t take it as another mindless action game where your only objective is to kill everything that moves.

Be sure to stop and read through cleverly written story that will keep you captivated and on edge. Also, don’t forget to talk to characters you meet on your way. They provide very interesting information and can help you fight your way through alien menace. Of course not every person you meet is going to be as friendly as you cyborg dog Fido and you’ll need to prepare for PvP battles.

When it comes to combat, a steady supply of Biofuel is always a nice addition. It just so happens that our hack for Evolution Battle for Utopia can grant you those resources for free.

Lastly, we would like to mention upgrades. Many upgrades are available for your character to equip and use. So be sure to find what suits you most as the player and set off to fight enemies that can get as big as the skyscraper! It’s nice to have diamonds to help you get prepared for times like those.


Think bigger, think Colonial!

Next feature we thought worth mentioning is colonies. Yes, you heard right – colonies! Of course, even a barren world like Utopia can be rebuilt and terra-formed to become new home for the humans. Turn destroyed wasteland into beautiful paradise! Make sure you build, fortify and defend your new colony. Automated turrets will make sure you can sleep through the night undisturbed… occasionally.


Enjoy a variety of fun and challenging mini games

But Tower Defense is not only mini game that Evolution BFU can offer you. The ones that made us think outside of the box are Electronic Locks puzzles. Once you find your lock you’ll need to pass mini game to open it. So be sure to put your thinking cap on before you use the disc to try to solve one of many puzzles this game has to offer.


Remember, Diamonds are your friends when it comes to pretty much everything in this game. Take advantage of unlimited diamonds hack for Evolution Battle for Utopia so you don’t have to worry about screwing a couple of things up here and there.


And now let’s get to how our Evolution Battle for Utopia hack works.


Evolution Battle For Utopia Hack

Evolution Battle For Utopia Hack Success

Evolution: Battle for Utopia : How to hack

As we mentioned before it’s not always easy to get resources you need in Evolution: BFU and some payment is required. So we created this easy to use hack to help you get the resources you need without having to spend real money. Our hack can give you unlimited amount of Biofuel and Diamonds that will help you progress through the story as well as help you get your VIP status.


If you have already used some of other hacks you can skip reading the next part and get right down to hacking because all of our generators work in the (more or less) same way. But for our new readers here is how to use our Evolution: Battle for Utopia Energy and Gems hack:


  1. First of all find the red “Online Hack” button located on the bottom of this page. Click on that button and get ready to be redirected to our Evolution Battle for Utopia hack for Power and Gems.
  2. Now it’s time to connect to our generators servers. Simply find and click Connect” button and wait for secure connection to get established. Once it’s safely connected click “Proceed” and voila, you’re there!
  3. Put in your account information (your username) and simply specify the amount of Biofuel and/or Diamonds you wish to be added to your game and press “Generate
  4. Wait for our servers to transfer your desired currencies to your mobile device.
  5. Enjoy playing the game with your newly acquired Energy and Gems.


Please don’t spam our servers

As you will see shortly, our servers are quite loaded so, if you continuously spam the ‘Generate’ button they will crash. Once they crash it will take us time to bring them back online. In that period of time you won’t be able use any of our generators including Evolution Battle for Utopia hack. Please use it moderately.

GameBag team wishes you happy hacking!


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