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Dragon Hills 2 Hack: Get Your Unlimited Coins – No Survey Version

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Welcome to our Dragon Hills 2 hack! Today we are here to help you and your dragon riding lady get unlimited Coins without moving any money from your account. That is right: using our Dragon Hills 2 hack tool you will save yourself a lot of money but still get everything the game has to offer. And what more can you hope for in a game so simple yet so complex?

From buying yourself a different dragon to making sure the one you have already is up to the task. That is the beauty of the game and that is why we decided to help you hack Dragon Hills 2. To get most out of this Android(free) and iOS($2.99) drilling experience.

So, let us get right down to explaining everything this game has to offer and let us show you all the ways you can use our Dragon Hills 2 cheat – no survey!



Reasons to use our Dragon Hills 2 Android and iOS Hack

Before we get to all the reasons you might enjoy our Dragon Hills 2 hack let’s first discuss a bit about the game itself. In this fun little mobile game your character can control a big ass mecha dragon and she uses it to drill her way out of zombie apocalypse. And we at GameBag loved it.

With its’ simplistic controls and hard levels this game had us at the first dive. We found it to be exactly what a mobile game should be. Easy to pick up, hard to let go and addictive. Recipe for a good game, if we might add. And addition of zombies didn’t hurt! But what it was best at, was it felt complex without it being over the top demanding. Casual gamer in us rejoiced!

That is what drew us to this game the most. But, after some time you do get to realize, in its core, it is still a game, and developers are a greedy bunch. So, they made sure in order to beat the game and still have your phone intact you would have to pay some real money. That is why, we at GameBag, decided to help you out with that and made this Dragon Hills 2 hack – no survey!

Now, you can play this game the way it was meant to be played. And all that without spending any money or going through long and painful survey. So, let’s see everything you can do after you hack Dragon Hills 2!


What you get after using our Dragon Hills 2 Hack – no survey!

Now that you have decided to hack Dragon Hills 2 we can talk about everything you can get after using our Dragon Hills 2 hack tool. Of course, everything you will get after hacking Dragon Hills 2 are Coins. But with them your options are open and on table. So, without much further ado, let’s get right into everything you can do with our Dragon Hills 2 cheat!


For a game like this upgrades are very important. And there are two main types in the game. Those that upgrade your dragon and those that help you. And it is important to spend your coins on both. First, let’s discuss dragon upgrades. Your dragon can drill better only if you invest in him. There are three categories that you should worry about:

  • Vitality: controls how long your dragon can survive in the zombie infested world
  • Drilling Skills: with this upgrade you can help your dragon dig faster, better and jump even higher!
  • Speed Boost: helps your dragon move faster. Also helps with jumping.

Other type of upgrades you will be able to use after using our cheat are power-ups and weapons. You can also buy yourself extra lives to continue you drill. But let’s focus a bit on weapons. There are 7 weapons in total:

  • Cheap Pop Gun, Green Bee, Rata Tata, Bouncing Bullets, Spacegun Plus, Missile Launcher and Missile Launcher Extreme

But, in order to use them all there are two things you must have: level and Coins. And we are here to provide Coins. So all that is left is to drill your way to higher levels and collect them all! And with all the upgrades after using our Dragon Hills 2 hack tool it won’t be hard at all!


This is the best part! Not only can you upgrade your dragon but you can get yourself some new and exciting dragons to help you survive zombie infested levels! And you can buy these three bad boys to help you in your quest:

  • Predator of the Skies: has four engines and accelerates to super high velocities
  • Panther Roar: get this cat-like dragon and see just how strong and agile a dragon – cat hybrid can be
  • Mechzilla: this one doesn’t need description. It’s a Godzilla. But a mechanical one. Feel its rage.


What is game without levels? And games like this are full of fun and hard levels. So how to change it up? With maps, of course. There are three worlds featured in Dragon Hills:

  • Zombienatti: default world.
  • Wild West: after finishing all Zombienatti levels it is time for you to go through Wild West inspired world and drill your way to victory.
  • Planet Z: and of course, after making sure no zombie survived in Wild West it is time to show them just how much you love drilling. And the best way to do so? Drill their home planet, of course!

Each world will cost you additional 5000 Coins so be sure to use our Dragon Hills 2 – no survey to make sure you have some Coins prepared!


How to use our Dragon Hills 2 Hack Tool

To use our Dragon Hills 2 cheat, as with any GameBag’s game hack all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of this page and find big red “ONLINE HACK” button. Push it and wait to get redirected to our hack server. There, simply follow written instructions and you will successfully hack game for unlimited Coins! It really is that simple!


After selecting the amount enter your Username and Platform to finish off Dragon Hills 2 Hack

And this is how it will look once Dragon Hills 2 Cheat works it's magic!


Please don’t spam

We would like to take this opportunity and ask you not to spam our Dragon Hills 2 iOS and Android hack! Any continuous pressing of “GENERATE” button will result in activation of our No Bot System. So use our Dragon Hills 2 hack with utmost care and respect to get unlimited Coins fast and easy.



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