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Dragon City: Prepare to Fight! Version

Learn all you need to know about Dragon City fights!


What is a better way to show off the might of your dragons than to let them roar and wreak havoc? There is none, we tell you. So after you breed your minions of destruction and choose your dream team it’s time for your dragons to be tested in battle. So be sure to feed your little ones good, get them to a high level and train them in the art of destruction. After that it’s time for them to enter the arena and show once and for all how a mother (or a father) of dragons trains her children. Maybe we got a little carried away.

But nonetheless, fighting is what dragons do. And Dragon City offers your hatched dragons to do just that. There are few ways to get your dragons to fight. You can build a Coliseum for your beasts to fight random AI opponent. Furthermore, you can also fight other players in Dragon City VS mode. Both of these battles have gem rewards that you can use to speed up breeding, harvesting and hatching of your new fighting pets. Or you could just jump ahead and buy yourself new buildings and eggs. To make it more interesting for you, some Event Islands also have challenges that require for your Dragons to fight.

We won’t cover Event Island fights because they are part of the narrative and it would be a spoiler and nobody likes spoilers. So let’s not waste any more time and get right into it.



Start of the battle

So you’ve made yourself your army. The first thing you should know is your opponent. Although you can’t see what your opponent has chosen you can set yourself up to a great start by diversifying. In every fight you can bring up to three dragons to fight for you. So choose carefully and choose wisely. Once you’ve made your dream team it’s time to get in the arena. After evaluating your opponent choose your strategy and attack.

Dragons can have up to four elements. The first element is marked as primary and will help you better understand your dragons’ strength and weaknesses. Other elements don’t affect his base damage or resistances but rather help expand the variation of your dragon’s learn set.

There are 12 to choose from in Dragon City: Flame, Sea, Terra, Electric, Nature, Metal, Ice, Light, Dark, War, Pure and Legend. Of course, this also means there are dragons whose elemental affinity will help you take down some opponents in one strike. So be sure to put your thinking cap on and make sure you learn as much as you can about each element before stepping into battle.


Once you’ve picked your team it’s time to play. Your first dragons are positioned and it’s randomly chosen who goes first. The winner is proclaimed when one of the players runs out of dragons.

To be honest, combat is pretty simple in Dragon City. Depending on your dragons element and level you’ll have from 2 to 4 attacks your dragon can use. First one is always physical attack and it doesn’t have elemental damage. Second attack is your basic elemental attack. The game reserves other two slots for your trained attacks. Remember, you can always choose to switch dragons in case you have more suitable one for the beast in front of you. And don’t worry, you can use the one you switched later on in the battle.

There are four types of damage your little doom pal can inflict:

  • None: causes NO damage (0%)
  • Weak: causes half damage (50%)
  • Normal: causes the normal amount of damage (100%)
  • Critical: you’ve struck the nerve! Your mighty beast causes double damage (200%)

There is no in-game calculator to let you know what kind of damage you’ll do. So you’ll have to play it by heart mostly. Some are more obvious than the other (fire deals more damage to water and vice versa) but some are hard to spot. That’s when knowing what are primary Elements’ strengths and weaknesses come into play. Once the victor emerges the fight is over. Gems and title are collected and your next battle begins.

Coliseum Fights

There is a special building you’ll have to acquire for this fight to occur. You’ll have to reach level 10 and requires three friends to open. It costs 25000 gold bars and yields 25000 stars. New challenges open every 12 hours after the end of your last tournament. The first tournament is open as soon as you build coliseum.

There are over 25 tournaments for your dragons to attend as of this moment. Some are named after the element (e.g. Lava Cup) where you battle certain type of elemental dragons. Others are named after gems (e.g. Amethyst Cup) and there you’ll fight dragons that may not be related to one another. Each tournament will yield some gems and gold bars as well as stars that contribute to your overall leveling in the game.

So be sure to try them all out and prepare for the ultimate battle experience: the versus battles.


And here comes the fun part. What better way for you to show off your skills than to fight other dragon tamers? Versus mode, or more commonly known as PVP League is place where you get to test your might against other players.

You can use up to three dragons with only limit being they have to be level 4 or higher. You progress through league by beating other players. Unfortunately, you can only have 3 combats within 6 hours period. Every battle costs one combat point. Lucky for us, there is an option to refill by using 5 gems (which you can acquire by using dragon city cheats).

Other type of battle is tournament. Tournaments are unlocked after you achieve level 10. Here you can test your skills against opponents to get even bigger prizes. But be careful! As stakes rise, so does your opponents might. So be sure to collect them all and choose your teams carefully. Good luck and may your dragons soar mighty through the skies!



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