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Criminal Case Cheats Energy Cash Hack | Check out the Tips and Tricks Version

Criminal Case Cheats: The Criminal Case is one of the best detective games ever. And the main theme of this game is that the police forces have to solve the criminal cases. And for the beginners, there will be the introduction guide just like the other games. As long as the levels in the game increase then the complexity of the game increases. This is applicable for all the games. In this post, you will get complete knowledge on Criminal Case Cheats and as well as you can follow th various tricks and tips of the Criminal Case game. There are several sections in the game and if you need to move on to the next level then we must definitely improve our gaming levels.

Criminal Case Cheats

This game is having the several parts and the first part is the hidden object. In this part, you need to find the objects as fast as possible to have the high scores. Based on the final scores you can unlock the stars. With the help of these stars, we can unlock the new investigation scenes. And the items that are found during the investigation must be sent to the lab for the analysis.

Criminal Case Cheats | Tips and Tricks

Progressing each and every case, the player gets the chance to identify the name of the victims, the motive of the killing and the suspects who killed at the murder. And the end of the case we need to suspect the right one and if the player is right then you can have access to the next level. The Criminal case has an energy system and we can improve the energy levels of the game by gaining more coins at the right time.  And the other resources of the Criminal Case are coins and cash and etc.

Criminal Case Cheats

This is the famous game which is released on Facebook, iOS and as well as on the Android platforms. There are three versions of the Criminal Case hacks are available to the users. And if you have stuck somewhere else then you can download the Criminal Case Cheats as soon as possible. Now stop sending the requests to the friend’s list of Criminal Case Game. Instead of that share, the awesome free energy criminal case cheats.

Interesting  Features of Criminal Case Cheats

Clear Scene Hack: With the help of hack cheat tool we can click on any of the spots in the crime scene. And the objects can be easily shown.

Unlimited Coins, Energy and Cash Hack: The Cash, Coins, and the energy are the important items in playing the criminal case game. We can also buy other items if you want without worrying about the coins, money and etc.

Compatible with all platforms: Everyone does not play this game via Facebook. Therefore the cheat tool is created so that it works even on the other platforms. And these cheats can be used on the Android, iOS and as well as on the Bluestacks.

Updates: You can get the daily updates regarding the new versions. And if there are so many hacks then we can observe that all the hacks do not work properly and hence we need to have the best game cheats.

How to Download Criminal Case Cheats Hacks

  • First of all download, the Criminal Case Cheats from the official website.
  • Next, copy and paste the link to the Facebook account.
  • Log in to the facebook and then open the Criminal Case Game.
  • Choose any of the web browsers, and then click on ‘Connect with Facebook
  • If you observe that it is successfully connected then go to the hacks arena.
  • You can choose how many resources you need and click on the ‘Generate’ button.
  • It is done now refresh the game in the browser or restart it on the Android device.

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