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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Hack! Free Hard Currency and Lives! – No Survey! Version

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Hack hits the GameBag! This is yet another variation of Candy Crush match three games. Of course, this one is pretty similar yet manages to do things in its own, different way.

Definitely not a bad game however, not really innovative enough to be considered separate game in our honest opinion. For those of you diehard Candy Crush fans out there, this is definitely a must play. The others looking for a somewhat different match three experience, although a different title, you might want to look for something different if you are feeling a bit too much Candy Crushed-out.

Similar to the previous games, this one introduces a new game mechanic. As you can easily realize from its name, this one revolves around jelly. We had candies, we had soda and now the jelly get the spotlight.

There’s something unexplainably satisfying in covering the whole gameboard in jelly. This is something that is your main game objective more often than not. Just like with the previous games, things can get pretty tricky later down the path.

That is why we have put together yet another Candy Crush hack for you. For all of those tricky and particularly complex levels, Candy Crush Jelly Saga Hack is here to assist you with. There are multiple benefits to using this Candy Crush Jelly hack. In order to help you fully understand the benefits of this Candy Crush Jelly Saga hack we you will go over these benefits straight away.

Those of you who are already familiar with the game may freely skip this part. Also if you’re only interested in the ways to hack Candy Crush Jelly Saga you can skip this as well. The rest of you, read on.


Here’s an eye candy trailer to get you hooked:

What are the benefits of using Candy Crush Jelly Saga hack?


Candy Crush jelly Saga cheats are useful for every player. Being a free to play game, you can expect some limitations to be placed upon the player. For example, this game allows you to fail up to five times. After you do that, although it won’t result in a game over, you will have to wait for a substantial amount of time before you’re allowed to proceed.

This happens because the game uses lives. This is a form of energy present in many free to play mobile games. Once you run out of lives, you can’t play the game. Unlike energy, your lives will only decrease if you fail a level. Okay, that sounds fair enough, right? And it is.

However, later on the game becomes very challenging unless you have the access to power ups and you are more than likely to fail more than once per level.

This is where the hard currency and lives hack For Candy Crush Jelly Saga come in.


Hack free lives!

By allowing the players freely restore all of their lives we allow you to play indefinitely. Failing the level is no longer such a big deal. You can replay it for as many times as you want. Once you run out of lives, you simply use our Candy Crush Jelly Saga hack to replenish them. This way, you get to play the game when you normally wouldn’t be able to.

You can choose to restore one to five lives. All of the options are free and available for every user. There is no reason to go with anything other than five lives but, we’ve made it available in case someone has a very specific reason not to refill all of them.


Candy Crush Jelly Saga hard currency hack!

Of course, lives are not the only thing that you can hack. The games premium currency, hard currency is also obtainable this way. Hard currency can be used to purchase most powerful candy. If a particular level is troubling you, here is the solution.

Sometimes, having the access to infinite lives just isn’t good enough. Some levels are just too hard to beat for one reason or the other. This is where the hard currency come in. These bars are used to purchase specific upgrades before starting a specific level.

You can choose one out of three power ups. Each of these power ups will have a unique impact on the game. They will allow you to unleash powerful combos. For instance, our favorite power up is a Candy Bomb which destroys every candy of the same color. Obviously, this is a very powerful tool and something that can be quite useful if used correctly, especially on some levels.


candy crush jelly saga connectin interface for cheat

candy crush jelly saga proof of hard currency hack working


How to use Candy Crush Jelly Saga cheat?


If you had any previous experience with our game hacks in the past, you don’t need any help. If you’ve used GameBag’s cheat tools to hack any other Candy Crush game, you will know how to hack this one as well. The process is pretty much exactly the same…

Those of you that are here for the first time, you might require some guidance. Don’t worry, we have this easy to follow step-by-step guide prepared for you. Simply read through, follow each step and before you know it, you will successfully hack Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Let’s get it on.


  1. On this page you need to look for a red button. This button is usually located near the bottom of the page. It’s hard to miss due to its red color and the words “Online Hack” that are written over it.
  2. Once you’ve located the button, you have to press it. Once you press it, you will be taken to another website. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement. The button is doing what it’s supposed to do and you are being taken exactly where you need to be if you are to hack Candy Crush Jelly Saga hard currency.
  3. The page you have been taken to is designed in a very user-friendly and intuitive manner. You will probably know exactly what needs to be done the moment you lay your eyes on the page. However, should you have any trouble, just read the instructions on that page. These will tell you exactly what needs to be done if you are to hack free hard currency and lives for Candy Crush Jelly Saga.


Online Hack

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