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Battle Tales Gold and Diamonds Free Hack! Version

Battle Tales featured image If you were to suddenly fuse a team based dungeon crawling gameplay mechanics with a lot of motifs and themes from well known fairy tales from around the world, it would pretty much look something like Battle Tales. 

Battle Tales is a very basic team based dungeon crawler game with not too much originality involved in it. The battle mechanics are super simplistic. You only need to move through the level while your companions usually take care of the rest. While you’re basically strolling through the level and waiting for it to finish. You AI controlled allies will at once charge at any hostiles you run into and usually take care of them even before you get the chance to intervene. This is absolutely how it works early in the game. You can rest assured as you will get plenty of opportunity to try out all those fancy spells and skills of yours as you progress throughout the game. 

Honestly we haven’t really spent that much time playing this one to know exactly what will happen later on.  Just enough to know how to develop and optimize the Battle Tales Gold and Diamonds hack. 



Improving Your Party – How Can Battle Tales Cheat Gelp You With That ?

Still, the main aspect of this game are the Companions. You can be as strong as you’d like but without a party of brave and strong companions – you’re not very likely to get far. with your quest. Companions are absolutely essential in this game and you will get the opportunity to get a lot of them and improve them in various ways. One of the ways and certainly the easiest one is to use our Battle Tales chat to get free resources and buy everything you need! 

From Stats and Skills to Equipment, everything in this game can be customized and improved. The features can sometimes get a little bit overwhelming but in an RPG game, that can only be a good thing. 

Unfortunately, to do all of this you will of course need resources. 

These resources are obtained in a variety of ways including questing, farming, daily rewards, etc. 

Some features are even exclusive to PVP aspects of the game. Which is as important and as polished as the single player campaign mode. Guild battles and social interaction (and by interaction we mean beating each other up) is a very well made aspect. If you’re planning on enjoying this one in a PVP manner, you would do best to come as prepared as possible. Player versus player is an unforgiving aspect of every game and you can say with almost utmost certainty that no one will go easy on you. While some monsters and bosses will be harder to beat and outplay than the rest, it is guaranteed that competing up against other seasoned players is as challenging as it gets in this game. 

So what can we do to help you with that? Is there any way you can easily gear up and make this adventure as easy as possible? 

You bet there is! 

As usually, we have been working on a game cheat. It will allow our users to overcome the hardships and payment restricted obstacles. Battle Tales is no different. Game has a premium currency which will allow anyone willing to pay for it to gain much advantage over other “free to play” players. At least that used to be the case, but not anymore. 


Hacking Free Battle Tales Diamonds, Gold and Other Goodies

The idea is as it ever was. Close the gap between premium and free users. Just because someone is able to cash out a couple of hundred dollars – should not mean that they are immediately better than you are. Our Battle Tales Diamonds and Gold cheat will allow you to stand up for yourself up against anyone. Those who would dare to challenge you will perish. This time there will be nothing besides your skills setting you apart from each other.  Only individual skill will determine whether you should win or lose a battle. Fair and square! 

We do not need to tell you that the uses for free Gold and Diamonds as well as free Health and Keys are plenty. Everyone owning a lot of these is bound to advance and climb the ranks without too many obstructions. So without further ado, let’s get on to Battle Tales Diamond and Gold hacking. So let’s see how exaclty do you use our Battle Tales Hack!


How to Use Battle Tales Coin and Diamonds Cheat?

If you’ve ever used any of our online hacks, you should know the drill by now. However, if this is your firs time here, read on and everything will be explained. It’s quite simple really, just follow the steps.

The very first thing you will need to do is to scroll down and press the red button below. Make sure you read through all of the information on the page you land. Form beginning to the end as it contains all of the necessary information. This is vital for the use of this Battle Tales hack to get free Diamonds and Coins. 

Other than free Diamonds and Coins, you can also use our Battle Tales hack to refill your Life. It’s the same if you want to refil your Keys!


Be sure to fill in the required information correctly!

If you did the previous part of the Battle Tales hack properly, you should see something like this


Remember, our Battle Tales hack is 100% safe. 

There was never any problem associated with generating any amounts of free gold or diamonds with our Battle Tales cheat! Also remember that we will NEVER ask for your password. Simply because we do not need it to give you free Gold and Diamonds or anything else for that matter. 


Please remember not to spam our Battle Tales cheat with multiple gold and diamond hack requests at the same time. This will slow our hack tool down and possibly result in you not getting what you hacked. If this happens, security and bot measure will trigger. Hence you will have to prove that you are a legit user before you’ll be able to proceed. In order to avoid any of this happening to you simply DON’T SPAM it. Thank you for your understanding guys! Hope you have a lot of fun playing Battle Tales with all of the free Coins, Diamond and other goodies!


Press the red button on this page to go to Battle Tales hack page! 


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