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Art of Conquest Hack – Get Free Linari and Gold – No Survey! Version


Art of Conquest surely has something in store for you, all you need to do is explore!

Once again we will go over a game that puts few different genres in one experience. We’ll talk about Art of Conquest as well as our Art of Conquest hack. But all in due time of course. First we must go over the Introduction just to see what exactly will we do here.

First of all, right after the Introduction, we’ll go over our mandatory Overview of the game. This part is meant for the newcomers who aren’t familiar with the game yet. If you fall into this category, we strongly suggest that you read this part. There is a lot to talk about in Art of Conquest so we won’t go over everything of course. However, we will try to bring closer to you the core concept of the game. Later on we might even go over an in-depth guide…if our fans want to that is.

After we’ve finished the Overview we’ll go over the Hack. In this part of the article we usually briefly talk about the benefits of the hack. Aside from the mentioned benefits we usually write out a guide. This guide on how to hack Art of Conquest will surely help the newcomers. Of course, if you’ve been using GameBag hacks before you probably won’t need this.

We hope to have interested you in the content of this article. We would like to conclude our Introduction now and go over to the important part. So let’s discuss the game itself, shall we?



Art of Conquest – General Game Overview – Core Aspects and Mechanics

As we’ve already mentioned Art of Conquest is quite intriguing. Not because it offers something completely different of new. But because it delivers a mix of an RTS, RPG and an MMO game. Now we’ve reviewed games that had a similar mix of genres in them. Art of Conquest however, puts the pieces right where they belong and creates a really nice mix of genres that can be enjoyed by anyone.

With that said Art of Conquest can be played only on iOS and Android at the moment. Sadly other devices aren’t supported, maybe in the future…who knows.

You choose a faction at the beginning of the game by choosing your country. Other than that you will choose your starting hero and then set off to create and destroy castles! This is by no means linear and boring, the developers put so much effort to make the experience as immersive as it can get.

At first your battles will seem minor and unimportant. You will battle against easily forgotten enemies, their troops and heroes. However, the longer you play the more sense of progression will you get. From bandits to epic dragons and sieges, the developers have made sure that you know you’ve been through a lot! This really give you something to look forward to in the game, which is always a nice addition to the game.

The colorful characters, aesthetically pleasing graphics and animations are like a cherry on a cake. It is really a nice finishing touch which will only add to your experience and immersion.

The fact that it is free-to-play might be a con for some people. It’s understandable, because it means that with little money you can go a long way. Luckily for you this is where our Art of Conquest hack comes in.


Art of Conquest Hack – How and Why Should You Use It?

Art of Conquest is a great game, don’t get us wrong. However, all people have to do is buy and open up enough chests to get a decent amount of tech rush to get town hall lead over the majority of the other players in the server. This eventuall leads to much imbalances in one server. One players have it all while others are using the scraps that remain.

With our Art of Conquest hack tool you will get access to unlimited amounts of Linari and Gold.But why don’t we just give you chests you may ask? Well you can buy chests with Linari, but you can’t get Linari from chests. See the logic? Aside from that you can do many other things with your Linari and Gold that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do. Also it’s completely free of charge or any other mean of menial tasks or surveys. All you need to do is read the guide, use our Art of Conquest cheat properly and that’s it!

Here’s a more detailed guide on how to use our hack (This applies to all of our hacks on the site):

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom and find a red button, press it. It will say “Online Hack”
  • Wait to be redirected to a page. From there you will need to establish a safe connection to our server.
  • Read the text on that page, then click the blue “Connect” button.
  • Automatic process will start – let it finish by itself.
  • After it is done, you will be redirected again.
  • Read the text on the new page and click on the “Proceed” button
  • Enter the amount of Linari or Gold that you need
  • Click on the blue button with “Generate” written all over it
  • Enjoy


Art of Conquest hack requires correct information in order to know where to send the hacked resources.

Art of Conquest hack will generate as much resources as you want if you follow the steps above.


Please Don’t Spam of in Any Other Way Abuse Our Art of Conquest Hack!

To be honest this applies to all our hacks on the site. Mainly because most of them are placed on one of the 4 main servers. Therefore if you overload one server, many other hacks will be unavailable for some time.

You can probably guess why this is bad for all of us. Many users will be frustrated by the failing of our servers. If you spam – you lose as well. To be more specific, you will lose all current resource that you are trying to hack. The servers might take some time to get back online, which means you will have to wait as well.

Other than that you can use our hacks as many times as you want. Just please make sure it isn’t a hundred times per minute, you can even to it two or three times in a minute. But do any more and it will seriously damage our servers ability to execute resource generations.


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