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Army Men Strike Hack – Free Gold Generator – No Survey! Version


You're never too old to play with little green soldiers


Greetings everyone! Today we have something quite nostalgic in the store for you… Army Men Strike Hack is the thing we’ve been working on last week. If you don’t really know what Army Men Strike is – fear not we got you covered! The game can be played on Android and iOS. Our Overview part will set you straight in this case. All we will say now is that if you’ve played with toy soldiers in the past, you’ll like this. Let’s leave the details for the Overview part and move on, shall we?

After we’ve introduced you to the Army Men Strike mobile game, we’ll go straight to the hack. Our Army Men Strike Hack will set you up with enough Gold for life! We don’t just say it – we mean it! Our hack is very simple to use, however we will post the guide in case you’re a newcomer. However if you already know everything about the game and our hack you can skip this as well as the Overview part. We have to stress out, however, that you should read the warning part of the article. It mainly names the reasons why spamming and abusing our hack is bad for everyone. If you have some of these intentions, please reconsider them.

There isn’t much else to tell about this article. We’ve already covered up the Introduction so the next thing we will cover is the Overview of the game itslef. Read it, or skip it if you’re already familiar with it – it’s your call.
We however, have to move on – let’s dive right into it!



Army Men Strike – Overview of the Game – Basic Gameplay, Mechanics…

Well first of all we would like to say that Army Men Strike definitely brought back some childhood memories. Remember those green toy soldiers that you used to place into formations in your room? Well something similar is taking place in this game! In our childhood we were restricted by many factors such as the amount of toys we had, the playground we could play on etc… No longer will gamers be frustrated that they wouldn’t be able to relive their plastic childhood battles in a real-time strategy setting! Army Men Strike has it all!

Take a time travel to your dearest childhood and continue your unfinished adventure! Lead your green army men, remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and many other toys to defend your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard against the invasion of the Evil Legion!

There are many features that make this game a really unique experience. First of all you get to guild your base, starting with Headquarters. To build your base you will need some fund which get stored in the Moneybox. Literally every household item has a purpose in this game. You can get everything right away though… Occasionally you will need to transport resources with your little train, and collect metal with magnets.
You will fight your enemies in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom! The beautiful and lively battlefields will make war interesting and fun!

To defeat the Evil Legion, naturally, you will need to grow your own army in both strength and size. Aside from the classic green toy soldiers you will meet many new faces. You can recruit heroes to join and lead your armies. Upgrade and promote your flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artillery units and many more various troops. However, some of them can be quite expensive…


Army Men Strike Hack – How to Use Our Free Gold Hack – Why Should You Use It?

First of all we’d like to start off by saying that you definitely should buy at least one pack of Gold! This is simply because we genuinely liked this game and the developers have put much effort into it. However we also hate the fact that you can be farmed over by much stronger players! We really thought that this was unfair and very annoying since there are many players that do this exact thing.

Many of them had spent thousands of dollars on this game, and we get that – we do… But not everyone can afford such a commodity. People shouldn’t be forced to pay just to be able to survive in a game like this.

This is really the reason we made our Army Men Strike Hack! We want to give you an equal chance out there on the battlefield! Not sure how to use our Army Men Strike and generate free Gold? We got your back don’t worry, here’s what you gotta do:

  • Find a red button at the bottom of this page with “Online Hack” written over it
  • Click it to be forwarded towards our generator’s page
  • First, you will land on a page for establishing a secure connection with our server and you have to click on the button “Connect” on that page
  • Wait for the connection to be established
  • Once it’s done, “Proceed” button will appear. Click it.
  • You will be forwarded to another, final page, where you specify the amount of Gold you need
  • To confirm the selection, press on “Generate” button
  • Enjoy the game!

That really is all there is to it! As we’ve already stated it is very simple and most importantly – absoulutely free! Now there’s one thing we’d like to ask of you before you leave us…


If you've did everything correctly it should look a bit like this...


Please Don’t Spam Our Generators!

As you know by now, we don’t ask for anything in return. There are no surveys to complete here. We do not like to condition our users either. You won’t find any requirements such as liking the video or a social media page. There is no need to follow us on YouTube or any other social media website. GameBag doesn’t do things that away.

Although, likes, shares and even any kind of feedback, positive or negative is much appreciated. If you feel like this Army Men Strike hack tool helped you, you’re more than welcome to leave some feedback or share it with friends. Still, this will never be a pre-requirement, only a possibility.

The only thing that we would like to ask you is not to do but in fact, not to do something.

Spamming will not help you get anything. It will only slow the process down for you and everyone else. This way you make the entire experience much more tedious for everyone.

With this we will bring our article to an end, see you next time here at GameBag!


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