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5 features of Dragon Mania Legends You Should Know About Version

Dragon Mania Legends 

In the previous article we talked about all the different ways you can obtain dragons in Dragon Mania Legends. During the process, we mentioned some game features and concepts you may not be familiar with. So we decided to cover them, too.

Certainly not all, but most of these features weren’t there in basic version of the game, but are added later on with many updates this game had. Many of these updates brought something new and unique to the game. We will take a look at some of that fresh stuff, together with some distinguishable features from the base game. So let’s dive straight into it and tarry not for long.




Events are basically contests that happen at specific time of day and are time-limited. They feature player competitions and different events have different settings and conditions. If players are not battling each other, they are tasked with individual challenges.

Events are based on player’s level and player are split into different tiers, each with it’s own leaderboard. There are six tiers and they are split per level:

  • First is Tier 1 (level 1-15)
  • Second tier you reach is Tier 2 (level 16-25)
  • Third one is the Tier 3 (level 26-40)
  • After that you go to Tier 4 (level 41-55)
  • Tier 5 (level 56-70)
  • Tier 6 (level 70+)

Certainly, with higher tier levels comes tougher competition.

Player’s level also distinguishes types of events one can participate in, so with level 7 you can join basic events, with level 12 Super events and with level 25 Clan events. It also serves as a prize modifier when gold and food are offered as a prize. The higher the level, the higher the amount you win.

Super events are introduced with update 2.1 and you can enter only if you earn specific game currency. They feature multi-leveled mazes through which players progress in order to win prizes like gold and food, although some of them may also present a player with a battle. Every level has destination room which one has to reach in order to complete that level.

Developers also added Clan events to the game with update 2.0, as part of the Clans feature. As the name suggests, you must be a member of a Clan in order to participate in such events. Here, clans compete against each other by completing a given goal as many times as possible in a limited amount of time. These events offer 3 types of rewards:

  • rewards for reaching milestones during the event
  • MVP player reward
  • reward based on Clan’s collective points and placement on leaderboard


Dragon Mania Legends is for anyone that wants their very own pet dragon



Clans are introduced with update 2.0 and they represent another social feature of the game, besides Friend system. It let’s you join your forces with other players and raise a mutual Clan dragon, belonging to the clan and not the individual players.

Clan Fortress is where your clan resides, feeds the dragon and forges plans and tactics to earn fame and glory. In here you can manage all aspects of clan activities.

To join a clan, you must be level 25. And to create one, your level must be at least 30. Creating a clan costs 1.500.000 gold so some of you may have to work hard if you want to be a clan leaders (or go the easy way and use Dragon Mania Legends cheats to acquire gold). You can join and create only one clan at a time. You can access list of available clans from Clan Fortress and sort the list to present you with Top 50 clans.

Furthermore, you can distinguish each of the clans by many shared features. These features are:

  • Clan name
  • Coat of arms (shield with a chosen dragon on it)
  • Level
  • XP
  • Status (clan’s stance on accepting new members)
  • Motto

Which of these features you can see depends on whether you are a member or not.



This special feature is introduced with update 2.3 together with Enchantment league. It allows you yo enchant your dragons using enchanting materials, raising their health and attack. To unlock this feature, you need to have at least 3 dragons with level 16 or higher.

Enchanted materials have 5 grades of quality corresponding to 5 different shapes. Their colors also vary based on the element they represent. You can obtain the from enchantment chests only.

Enchantment league brings new ways for players to test each other in battle. Winning battles rewards you with enchantment chests. They contain enchantment materials, enchantment trinkets and potions. If you find that league battles are too challenging for you, you can also purchase them with Gems. The amount of materials required for enchanting depends on dragon’s rarity and number of elements.

To open a chest, you will need a key. There is a stack of five keys on the energy bar and each of them opens one chest and after that it is no longer available. Game replenishes keys automatically every 60 minutes, but you can also buy them for 25 Gems.


Dragon League

Speaking of leagues, this one has been with you from the start. Nevertheless, one has to reach level 11 in order to participate in this battling competition.

Dragon League takes place in the Arena, a building located on one of the smaller islands in the game. It is a fighting pit with two crossed swords placed on the sand floor, entrance flanked with two blue stone pillars and two pillars on the other side, hosting magnificent golden statues of dragons. Shields these dragons are holding represent a League Idols of the leagues players are currently in.

To fight in the pit, you need to choose three dragons from your herd. They will be facing three dragons of the opposing player, but program will operate both party’s dragons during the battle. Each won battle brings reward points based on performance and you will be rewarded for certain levels of win streaks. You will also receive a league reward based on your current league, level and accumulated number of points gathered by performing well on the battlefield.


Heroic mode

You can think of a heroic mode as a New Game Plus. It is introduced with update 1.1 and allows players to replay the normal mode, but with tougher battles and bigger rewards. You can unlock it by finish quest 68 – Eliza’s factory. Beating quests in this mode also brings some new dragons onto the stage, like Steampunk dragon and Bighorn dragon.


And that’s about it. Developers were pretty busy trying to create new and interesting content for this beautiful game and we hope it pays of.


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